State of the art: 26.4.2019

Series AL-x

The    LED    workplace    lights    Series    AL-x    helps    you under   daylight   color   quality   assurance   and   assembly work   in   workshop   and   series   production.   The   Series AL-x   is   working   with   an   operating   voltage   of   24V   and can    be    connected    via    an    optional    desktop    power adapter to the 110…230V AC mains. - system profile housing with nut slots - four different power-classes - fine prismatic anti-glare optic - compact, long life - versions with integrated dimmer - flicker free daylight, 5700K

AL-9 / AL-12 / IL-6

LED   task   light   AL-9      make   it   easier   for   you   under daylight   color   quality   assurance   and   assembly   work   in the   workshop   and   series   production.   AL-9   does   not generate   heat   at   the   luminaire   head.   The   LED   task light     AL-9     is     constructed     in     the     usual     robust construction     with     encapsulated     base.     It     can     be operated via an AC adapter to the 110…230V mains. - high vibration resistance, long life - complete encapsulated luminaire base - not hot housing parts and thermal radiation - optional AC adapter - optional magnetic holder - dimmable via keypad - flicker free daylight 5700K - flexible metal hose
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Accessories for LED System

workplace lights

The    matching    accessories    for    LED    system    workplace luminaires   allow   easy   installation   and   optimum   use   of   the respective   LED   system   luminaire.   Required   power   supplies with     or     without     DIMM     module,     M12     extensions     and mounting      bracket      sets      facilitate      connection      and commissioning - Completely assembled connection boxes 24 V / 4 A with and without integrated dimming - Desktop power supplies with M12 plug - Mounting bracket for ergonomic dimming - Connection cable with M12 socket
LED workplace illumination
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Serie AL-x-60-R

The   workplace   and   workshop   luminaires   of   the   AL-x-60-R   series are    universal    tube    luminaires     made    of    impact-resistant    and shatter-proof   polycarbonate .   The   high   degree   of   diffusion   offers a    very    good    glare    reduction    and    generates    a    homogeneous illuminated  surface. They   are   rotatable   through   360   °   and   thus   facilitate   the   lighting position.   The   tube   lights   are   available   with   a   power   supply   voltage of   24   VDC,   as   well   as   mains   voltage   supply   230   VAC .   The connection   to   the   supply   voltage   is   realized   via   sensor   connector M12   or   Wieland   connector   RST16   /   2.   The   types AL-x-60-RD   have a   through-wiring   with   two   RST16   /   2   Wieland   connectors   (plug   / socket)   for   the   chaining   of   luminaires.   This   series   guarantees   a high degree of protection of IP65 . Series AL-x-60-R is available in 5 performance classes.
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