State of the art: 26.4.2019

LED machine light stainless steel

New   in   our   range   is   the   LED   lighting   equipment   made   of   stainless   steel. These   are   particularly   suitable   for   applications   in   food   engineering,   as well   as   application   areas   where   high   chemical   resistance   is   required. The   lights   are   fully   vergosssen   with   a   crystal   clear   polyurethane   casting and    are    easy    to    clean    by    spezelle    construction.    Optional    can    be integrated for an increase in the chemical resistance, a front glass. - compact, flat stainless steel housing - 24VDC / PVC cable - smooth surface and rear mounting threads allow easy cleaning - complete encapsulated electronic prevents penetration of liquids, - protection class IP69K. Optional   we   provide   integrated   front   windscreen   made   with   thermally tempered glass to increase the chemical resistance.
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LED machine lights stainless steel
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