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LED machine lights for

rugged industrial use

Luminaire     types     designed     for     general automation     use     with     protection     class IP62   ...   .IP68   in   various   compact   designs and     power     classes.     The     series     with completely     encapsulated     LED     modules offer   the   high   protection   and   high   vibration resistance.
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LED heavy duty lights

for use in tool machine

These   series   are   designed   for   use   in   tool machine.     With     a     protection     rating     of IP67   ...   IP69K,   a   thermally   hardened   front glass    panel    and    an    additional    stainless steel    protection,    the    lights    are    protected against possible hot chips bombardment.

LED signal lights for


The new LED signal lights series are

available in slim, flat and compact designs,

so they can be positioned close to the

subject. By high degrees of protection and

vibration resistant construction They are

also suitable for harsh industrial


LED System


LED   workplace   lamps   are   designed   for   use in   testing   and   assembly   applications   and   for machines   without   cooling   lubricant   use. The outstanding     energy     efficiency     and     long service    life    can    be    reached    with    these lighting   systems   cost   savings   due   to   the   low energy   consumption   and   low   maintenance compared with conventional bulbs. Versions    with    integrated    dimming    module enables   optimum   adaptation   to   the   required lighting conditions.



We   know   that   a   holistic   overview   of   a   good solution   to   your   individual   task   is.   With   this guiding   principle,   we   strive   especially   for long-term     customer     relationships.     And these       long-term       results       from       the consistently    high    quality    of    the    finished products.       From       conception       through development   to   series   production,   we   are your    long-term    partner    for    all    individual tasks     in     the     field     of     electronics     and mechatronics development.
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LED machine lights

made of stainless steel

The     LED     lighting     equipment     made     of stainless     steel.     These     are     particularly suitable        for        applications        in        food engineering,   as   well   as   application   areas where   high   chemical   resistance   is   required. The    lights    are    fully    encapsulated    with    a crystal   clear   polyurethane   casting   and   they are      easy      to      clean      by      the      special construction.      Optional      its      possible      to integrate   an   a   front   glass   to   increase   the chemical resistance, .
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