State of the art: 24.11.2017

LED heavy duty machine lights

with protection against flying chips

Series WML-x-P

The   lamp   series   IP67   is   available   in   a   rotatable   and robust   aluminum   housing   in   power   classes   7W   /   14W /   28W   /   56W.   This   series   has   a   protection   against   hot flying   chips   with   an   additional   fine   prismatic   anti-glare and   a   front-side,   thermally   hardened   glass   front   with an stainless steel protection.

Series WML-x-UF

Completely     encapsulated     luminaire     series     for machine     tool     technology     with     IP69K     in     power classes   6W   /   12W   /   18W   /   24W   /   36W.   This   series   is accommodate   with   a   particularly   flat   housing   saves space    in    tight    spaces.    The    series    WML    x-UF    is equipped   with   a   thermally   hardened   glass   front   and an   additional   stainless   steel   protection   against   hot flying chips.
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