LED Industrial Illumination

as   an   innovative   manufacturer   of   industrial   electronics   and complete   mechatronic   assemblies,   we   offer   products   for demanding    industrial    lighting    and    signaling    applications from our own development and production. Our catalog portfolio currently includes: - LED Machine lights - LED Lights for tool machine - LED Workplace Illumination - LED Signal Lights We   are   pleased   when   we   can   offer   a   suitable   solution   for you with our ever-growing diversity.

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Rapid   technical   developments   in   the   LED   sector   and   numerous   technological   advantages   have,   at   least   in   the   area   of   machinery and workplace lighting, led many to consider changing from conventional lighting systems to solutions involving LED. An   important   reason   which   makes   LED   technology   attractive   is   the   reduction   of   the   total   cost   of   ownership.   When   compared   to conventional   lighting   systems,   the   use   of   light-emitting   diodes   is,   on   the   whole,   more   cost-effective,   due   to   the   longer   service   life, minimal   maintenance   costs   and   lower   energy   consumption   involved.   Moreover,   an   increase   in   robustness   (resistance   to   impacting and   vibration)   and   an   improvement   in   lighting   can   be   achieved,   even   where   confined   spaces   are   involved,   as   LED   systems   are compact   in   their   design.   Further   advantages   include   an   increase   in   safety,   as   the   complete   brightness   is   immediately   available. The burning   in   of   coolants   and   lubricants   is   also   no   longer   a   problem,   due   to   the   low   level   of   heat   development.   In   addition,   only protective   low   voltage   is   required   in   the   machine   room,   thanks   to   the   simple   integration   of   24   V   DC   operating   voltage   in   the machinery   environment.   Our   LED   lights   can   be   dimmed   easily   and   (almost)   without   power   using   a   separate   signal   cable   and   PWM signal, enabling the achievement of ergonomically adapted lighting conditions. We   offer   you   the   support   you   need   to   provide   your   customers   with   both   the   latest   and   most   reliable   technical   products.   Our products   are   therefore   distinguished   by   continuous   technical   innovations.   Consequently,   technical   changes   are   possible   at   all times.
State of the art: 26.4.2019
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